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I do not become your lawyer, nor does an attorney-client relationship exist between us, just because:

  • you review this website;
  • you send me something by any medium (e.g., e-mail, letter, fax transmission), you leave me a voice mail, or we talk, either in person or by phone;


I only become your lawyer, and an attorney-client relationship exists between us, only if and when you and I enter into a written agreement to that effect. Do not send me any information you consider confidential without you and me entering a written agreement that I represent you. Just because you and I communicate, or you send me information, prior to you and me entering into an agreement that I represent you will not prohibit me from representing someone directly adverse to you.


I may not receive every communication you direct to me, and I may not respond to some of those communications by choice.


Nothing in this site is an offer to practice law in any state other than Texas, which is the only state in which I am licensed. If you have a legal matter in any other state, you should seek counsel other than myself, i.e., you should seek competent counsel licensed in that other state.


While I do my best to ethically obtain the best result for each of my clients, I cannot guarantee the results of any given case or matter–all of which depend on their own particular circumstances.


The attorney responsible for the content of this web site is Steven K. Hayes.

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